10 Things to Do to Break Through a Weight Loss Stall on the Keto Diet!

The dreaded weight loss plateau. This can happen with any diet, but I hear people talking about it EVERY time when it comes to keto. That they lose weight and then hit a stall or plateau. This can be VERY disappointing, but there’s no need to give up! One thing to keep in mind about keto is that there can be dramatic weight loss at first because your body releases a lot of fluids that you hold on to all the carbs. Below I have listed 10 things you can do to stop weight loss.

  1. Track your macro
    There are many different approaches to the keto / low carb diet and a lot of people tend to take the “lazy keto” approach because they don’t usually follow my macro. When you hit the keto level and aren’t keeping tabs on your macros, it’s a good idea to start so you understand how many carbs you are eating. It is generally recommended not to eat more than 30 net carbs per day, and some foods may contain more carbohydrates. Then you will see what is important.
  2. Pay more attention to calories
    As noted above, there’s a great focus on tracking your macros if you follow a ketogenic / low-carb lifestyle, but calories also play a role. Many high-fat keto recipes are also high in calories. If you only eat when you are really hungry, you can’t be bothered by it. However, once you’ve indulged yourself in many of these delicious keto recipes and have hit the booth, it might be a good idea to pay attention to how many calories you’ve burned.
  3. Make sure you eat the right amount of protein
    Keto is MEDIUM protein, not HIGH protein. The reason is that when you eat low carbohydrates combined with high protein, your body can actually convert protein into glucose for fuel, which is NOT used to reach ketosis.
  4. Eat whole foods
    Just because something is low in carbs or high in fat doesn’t mean it’s good for your body. Quality matters. Try to stick to healthy foods as much as possible while you leave processed and packaged items as the mundane.
  5. Intermittent fasting.
    Although it’s not mandatory for the keto diet, regular fasting can be very beneficial, especially after you’ve managed to lose weight steadily. You can find more information on regular fasts HERE.
  6. Cut back on the cheese on heavy cream
    Huu! I know how much fun this is, right? One of the great things about keto is the cheese and cream, right? But as I mentioned above, they can be high in calories and easy to overdo it. I’ve read that up to 4 ounces of cheese per day and 4 tablespoons of heavy cream per day is a good rule of thumb.
  7. Watch your fruit intake
    Even though fruits are very tasty and high in nutritional value, some fruits are high in carbohydrates and definitely stop weight loss on the keto diet. That said, many people manage to include fruits in their keto diet, but they should eat in moderation.
  8. Plan your meals for the next week.
    You’ve heard of it before, but you can’t plan or plan to fail. Yes, planning your weekly meals takes time, but it’s a great way to have more control over what’s going on in your body. It can also save you money and a lot of frustration – especially if you’re very busy.
  9. Drink more water.
    Switching to the keto lifestyle may require drinking more water than usual, but it is very important. The general rule is that you should drink half your body weight in ounces. So if you weigh 150 pounds, you should drink about 75 ounces of water a day.
  10. Get more sleep.
    Our bodies don’t function properly when we don’t get enough sleep. Our weight loss can stop and hunger levels can increase as our bodies seek additional sources of energy.

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